John G. Burnett

Topics: Andrew Jackson, Trail of Tears, Cherokee Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Cause and effect John G. Burnett
English 101 A03
February 20 2011

Analysis Essay/Cause and Effect of Removal of the Cherokees By John G. Burnett

During Andrew Jackson’s presidency from 1829 to 1837, a lot of controversial decisions were made. The removal of Cherokee Indians in the 1830’s was one, and this was more a change of the national policy than a reformulation. Since the Spanish came to the New World from the 1500’s, the continent’s inhabitants- Indians, were there. Beginning from the Washington government in the 1790’s, the policy United States used to administrate the Indians was civilization and assimilation. Under the ambitious administration of Andrew Jackson, who was in favor of Western speculation, the Indians were forced to move from their homeland by the American Army. This is where John G. Burnett really endures the pain that the Indians felt.

From the beginning of the United States’ government, Indian tribes were given rights to be treated as nations, and their rights be respected according to the Constitution. By this, the US government confirmed the authority of Indians on American land as they are the “prior occupants”, and their land should never be taken unless they agree or they lose in a war. Although the US government sounds just and fair in attitude, for years, Indians were intentionally tricked into treaties that ceded huge amount of territory to the whites, But it only took one Cherokee child to trade gold. This is what started the removal of the Cherokees.

Even though John G. Burnett’s story is short, it doesn’t lack in examples of cause and effect. Like he tells us “In 1828 and young Cherokee sold a white man a gold nugget.” This is also where he explains the “Cherokees are forever doomed.” To compensate their moral beliefs because of their intensive usurpation of Indian land, US government brought up ideas that it is their “duty to make new efforts for the preservation, improvement, and civilization of the native...
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