Historical Report on Race

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Krista Hanna
Mr. Lew
18 February 2013

Historical Report on Race

*I am writing as a Native American, a letter to my friend of a different culture.

Dear Molly,
I am writing in response to the letter you sent me, to answer questions and expand your knowledge about the Native American culture. First off let me start by saying that life wasn’t always grand for me. As a Native American, we learned to adopt our own way of live. We lived off reservations, and lived a more traditional way of life. A life that we thought was best for us and our kids to grow up in. We produced our own food, shelter and weapons and provided for ourselves in the most natural way possible.

It wasn’t always easy though, and others seen more value out of our land and resources than us. I was forced off my land and had to adapt to the new peoples way of life. That in which they called a white society; this society created many acts in my life time in order to weaken our society such as those of the Allotment Act and the Reorganization Act (Schaefer, p. 147, 2012).

People of my cultural lived on reservations, we had learned to separate ourselves and adopt our own way of life and government. Native Americans had created their own nation and it caused and has caused a lot of tension between us and the U.S. culture. As a Native American, we were all about live the traditional way of life. There was value to our land and the resources that we used and the white people wanted and did take it from us. It seemed as if we were constantly at war with the white people so that we could protect what we thought was rightfully ours. They had created an act known as the Indian Removal Act, which was passed in 1830 (Schaefer, p. 150, 2012). This opened more land for settlement and allowed people to come in and take over our reservations (Schaefer, p. 150, 2012).

In 1946, Congress had created the Indian Claims Commission (Schaefer, p. 150, 2012). This was a good thing for us, or so...
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