John Wolford Case (a)

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When a former upper-middle-level engineering manager of Precision Instruments company, was acquired by the Eurotech Ltd’, a European multinational , John Wolford becomes the vice president and general manager, he finds his new role more stressful. There are complaints from workers protesting the new climate survey he initiated in an attempt to learn more about how employees feel. Also EEOC regulations have forced him to study how well his employees are treated. His attempts to delegate have backfired, and his organization is $400,000 off plan. This case is about the harried nature of his life and the things added to his stress for accommodating voluminous activities and resolving lot of issues in the office like employees handing out leaflets protesting for something he initiated, business trips overseas, employee demands including a funeral and a sales rep who wants his help in getting an order out of production, and various personal (drinking and smoking and overweight) and family problems. This would result in lack of focus in his job. The behaviour of John Wolford was as sample of self leadership and mismanaging in the company organization. To lead, an individual must set the tone and direction for a group, unit, or organization. To manage, an individual must execute against the tone and direction already put in place. As one moves upward in an organization, the mix of leadership and management tasks shifts in favor of leadership. Even at lower levels, however, leadership skills are critical to success.

It was about 1997 by then, when the Precision Instrument was acquired by the Eurotech Ltd, a Europian Multi-National Company. John Wolford was named Vice President and General Manager by the Precision Instrument Division when started to be plagued with problems both personal and professional life in dealing with voluminous tasks or work.


The case of John Wolford...
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