Topics: Audience theory, Public speaking, Audience Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Presentation Review

Submitted by: Giuseppe Piazza
Business Communications: 04-71-100-05
Submitted to: Renata Kobe
February 15, 2013
An informative presentation is supposed to provide interesting and useful knowledge about a subject to inform an audience. After reviewing my presentation about Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, I believe I was successful in delivering what this definition defines as an informative presentation. Although many points of my presentation may have been strong, there is always room for improvement.

The opinion I had of my presentation before I watched my video was much different from the opinion afterwards. I thought I was nervous, legs shaking, and speaking in a tense tone. However, after watching I realized I was much more relaxed, speaking clear and professionally and that my level of professionalism was much more then I expected. I was able to continuously move around while speaking in a confident manner. Although my introduction was clearly stated in a manor that I believe captured the audience and intrigued them to learn more; I stumbled on a few words rushing through points I would have liked to expand on. Secondly, I believe I was speaking at a fast past and didn’t take the chance to add some delay between topics. I believe this was caused by my nervousness and I used my continuation of words to provide comfort in the opening slides. This bad habit continued throughout my entire presentation. Overall decreasing my level of professionalism. Although these flaws may have occurred, I believe I battled through these nerves and was able to talk in a clear voice. In my opinion, I believe I was able to do this because I knew the ins and outs of my material. I knew my material because I took the time to practice. I believe practice is the key to success. Therefore, I would assess my performance as strong, since it conveyed my topic in an informative and professional way.

In order for a...
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