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Topics: Public speaking, Rhetoric, Oratory Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: November 13, 2011
John McCarthy
Informative Speech Peer Assessment
Due: October 24, 2011
Chris Higgins: Peer Assessment
My fellow student Chris gave a well-organized and coherently structured speech that followed the guidelines imparted to us in our textbooks. The use of vivid connectives and transitional sentences enabled his speech to flow rather smoothly. Overall he was very successful in conveying his message on smartphones to the audience. Like many of my other classmates, the only problems I picked up on were not in content of the oratory but in rapidity and articulacy – two things than can be attributed to presentation-day jitters.

From the get-go Chris did an excellent job of capturing the audience’s attention and establishing both credibility and relatability. His calculated implementation of the word ‘you’ in his introduction served as an effective means of linking his topic to our everyday lives. His word choice and phrasing resounded confidence on the subject, allowing use to consider the information valid. His opening sentences were then followed by an appropriate transition into the body of his speech. His conclusory paragraph was constructed equally well has his introduction. It adequately synopsized his main points and ended on an abstract note that inclined the audience to think and made is speech generally more memorable.

Several evident strengths in the heart of his speech were his skilled usage of internal summaries and previews, support of his claims with evidence, visual aids and attention to detail. His successful employment of the public speaking elements internal previews and summaries contributed to the audience’s general gaining of knowledge. Each technical claim he put worth was thoroughly supported using facts and the citations of sources. He then further got his point across through the presentation of visual aids in the form of pictures and an anecdotal video. Both optical assistances enhanced the audience’s perception and enthusiasm on the...
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