Unit 1 - D1 – Evaluate Interpersonal and Written Communication Techniques. Introduction.

Topics: Communication, Writing, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: April 13, 2013
D1 – Evaluate interpersonal and written communication techniques. Introduction
The most important thing when presenting is your interpersonal skills. Throughout this project I believe my interpersonal skills were good but there were plenty of improvements I could have made, I have been really successful in developing my interpersonal skills, I believe that it should be important that every student has the opportunity to improve their presentational skills or communication skills because at some point they will need it. Unit 1 had tested my confidences and had me use a variety of interpersonal skills such as eye contact, movement, body language and my written techniques was also put to use and assessed in this unit. Evaluating my interpersonal skills

my interpersonal skills are pretty good when it comes to one on one conversation, I believe that I am very confident and that I have nothing to hide which gives me an advantage when speaking to others. Recently I have been assessed on my one to one communication and really there aren’t many improvements I can make apart from pre-preparing before the conversation, but apart from that my one to one communication is on point.

On another occasion I was assessed on how well I worked in a group, I was put into a group and was instructed to produce a presentation on interpersonal skills. At the end of the presentation, other students who watched the presentation had to point out all the bad interpersonal skills and then discuss on ways to improve them.

And finally, I was assessed on how well I displayed myself in front of a live audience (i.e. classmates), I was expected to create a slide related to I.T then present that slide using all the improvements I picked up from the previous task. During the presentation, I made sure that there was solid message going across to the audience and I kept engaging the audience, by asking questions and allowing the audience to ask questions if they are unsure about a certain...
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