Job Specification, Job Description and Job Analysis

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1.2Definition of Job Analysis
According to Mondy and Noe (1987), job analysis which is defined the systematic process of determining the duties and skills required for performing jobs in an organization. In job analysis, we identify what the existing tasks, duties, and responsibilities of job are. Plus, it usually involves collecting information depend on the job differentiate. 1.2.1Information of Job Analysis

Information initially derived from job analysis is also valuable to the safety and health function. This is because employee may need specific information about the job in order to function safely in that organization. In addition to, it information is also important to employee and labor relations, when they want to transfer, promotion, or demotion. As result, job analysis information provides the researcher with starting a point.

1.2.2Conducting Job Analysis
The person who conducts job analysis is interested in gathering data regarding what is involved in performing a particular job. The employee and the employee’s immediate supervisor, job analyst and also consultant should participate in job analysis. There have two basic personnel documents may be prepared such as job descriptions and job specifications.

1.2.3Definition of Job Description
According to Mondy and Noe, 1987, a document that provides information regarding tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the job is referred to job description. In this situation, we identify what is done, why it is done, where it is done and how it is done. In addition to, job description are accurate, concise statements of what employees are expected to do our jobs. So, in our company are recruited two jobs, such as technician and supply manager.

Perform preventive maintenance and makes repairs to heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment. •Maintains and makes routine repairs to electrically powered equipment and appliances. Manager
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