Job Satisfaction at British American Tobacco Bangladesh

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Job Satisfaction at British American Tobacco Bangladesh


1.1 Topic

Job Satisfaction at British American Tobacco Bangladesh

1.2 Background

British American Tobacco is the world’s most international tobacco group, successfully pursuing a consistent strategy that is building long term shareholder value. Their goals are to grow their brands and the value of their business, to improve productivity and to embed the principles of corporate social responsibility Group-wide. Through more than 100 years of operations, they have built a strong international reputation for high quality tobacco brands to meet consumers’ diverse preferences. Today, they are recognized as one of the world's leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies. It has grown significantly over the last decade, delivering to our shareholders a total return that has outstripped the FTSE 100 over the last one, five and ten year periods.

1.3 Objective

The general purpose of this study is to determine the satisfactory level of job among the employees of British American Tobacco Bangladesh.We have selected British American Tobacco because this company has a multinational job environment and ensures the maximum level of efficiency among the employees.

1.4 Scope

This report is basically covering the HR perspective of British American tobacco. In this report, according to the objective and gathered documents, we will entrust the occupation trough the following process: i) About British American Tobacco ii) processing the information Human Resource management strategy and problem related to this faced by the company iii) applying the theoretical knowledge to solve some of the problem faced the company. Here basically we will survey the employee from marketing and finance.

1.5 Significance:

Job Satisfaction is key component of HRM. Through this a company can ensure the efficiency of works to obtain its goal in a structural and organized way. It is definitely very important and essential for us since we are students of MBA which would help me a lot to build up our career.

1.6 Methodology:

We have used different types of research methods. One of the methods is interview method which will be supported by a well-structured questionnaire. In the interview method, we have interviewed 15 employees of Finance department. We have also done some research on secondary data from books, magazine and different related case study.

1.7 Limitation

- We have faced difficulties on getting enough information about the company. - We had time constraints.
- The sample size might not be very representative.


2.1 British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Ltd.

British American Tobacco Bangladesh is a member of the British American Tobacco Group that is based in UK and one of the leading players in the global tobacco business. With a long established reputation for providing its consumers with consistently high quality brands, British American Tobacco Group was formed at the turn of the 20th century with the objective of establishing a worldwide business. British American Tobacco is World's most global tobacco company. BAT has 85,000 employees selling more than 300 brands in more than 180 markets worldwide. Today, the company produces some 2 billion cigarettes every day. More than a billion people across the globe enjoy smoking tobacco. One in every eight chooses a British American Tobacco brand.

In order to support the company's business goals, the merger of British American Tobacco with Rothmans International had been announced on 11

January 1999. This global merger was completed on 7th June 1999. This brings together the number 2 and 4 players which together will boast a combined volume exceeding 900 billion cigarettes around the world with some 120,000 employees and a world-wide market share of 16 percent (Phillip...
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