Leadership and Nib Bank

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May 31, 2008

Mr. Retd. Cdr. Tabassum

Teacher, Organizational Behavior

Bahria University


We herewith present our “Term Report” authorized by you as a requirement for this course. In this report, we have tried to provide analysis on organizational behavior of NIB Bank.

We hope we have covered all that was required for the report.

If there be any clarification demanded, we would appreciate a call from you to our group members.


Maaz Khalid

Muhammad Usman Badar

Muhammad Zain


In the name of “Allah”, the most beneficent and merciful who gave us strength and knowledge to complete this report. This report is a part of our course “Organizational Behavior”. This has proved to be a great experience. This report is a combine effort of, Maaz Khalid, Muhammad Usman Badar and Muhammad Zain.

We would like to express our gratitude to our organizational behavior teacher Mr. Retd. Cdr. Tabassum, who gave us this opportunity to fulfill this report. We would also like to thank our colleagues who participated in a focus group session. They gave us many helpful comments which helped us a lot in preparing our report.

1.3 Objective

The general purpose of this study is to determine the satisfactory level of job among the employees of British American Tobacco Bangladesh.We have selected British American Tobacco because this company has a multinational job environment and ensures the maximum level of efficiency among the employees.

3. Research Methodology

A. Pilot survey

We did a pilot survey for questionnaire testing (Vogt, 1999; Babbie, 2004) to detect error, validity and scale reliability. We used a 5 point- scale (“1” for

Strongly Disagree to “5” for Strongly Agree) developed by Likert (1932). The pilot survey was done during in the month of January-February, 2008 with 30

respondents from 6 enterprises. A total number of 20 HRM items were used for this study. The sample size was 30 at managerial (mid level) jobs and simple random was used to obtain feedback and the scale validity of the survey. The calculated Chronbach’s alpha (α) value is 0.9063, which indicates the high

reliability of the instrument.

B. In-depth Interviews

The second stage of our research method was in-depth interviews with the 12 executives. Semi-structured open-ended questionnaire was used for in-depth interviews. A simple random sampling method was used at this stage. The questionnaire was distributed to the executives to get feedback.

C. Full-scale survey

Full scale questionnaires were administered in the month of April, May and June 15, 2008 within 53 manufacturing organizations out of 103 (BEPZA

statistics, May, 2008) organizations in economic zone, DEPZ. That covers 216 respondents from the total of 512 in the surveyed enterprises with the response rate of 42.18% (26.18% of 825 total entire populations). A simple random sampling method was used for selecting the enterprises. From the pilot survey and in-depth survey finding and suggestion, questionnaire was modified and surveyed for this stage.

D. Sample

For the survey, a random sampling was chosen for selection enterprises from the A, B and C category of DEPZ organizations. A total number of 53 enterprises were selected from 103 and that covered 216 respondents.


, DHAKA BANK LIMITED was incorporated as a public limited Company on 6th April 1995 under the company act. 1994 and started its commercial operation on June 05, 1995 as a private sector bank. The bank started its journey with an authorized capital of Tk....
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