Job Hopping

Topics: Employment Pages: 4 (1448 words) Published: May 23, 2011
Job-hopping – Is It Good or Bad?

It is barely get to hear of a person who started their career with an organization many years back, dedicated his entire career with the organization and finally retired from the same organization. As it is said, nothing last forever; same is in the case with job these days. Jobs today do not last unlike previous generations. In the past few years, job-hopping has become so widespread across the industries that even a four years stint in the same organization is considered to be a stable job. Three jobs in less than a year, no longer raised eyebrows and gaps mouths. Job-hopping, in fact, has become a new mantra for success. People no longer believe in sticking to one job and waiting for that golden leap to come. So, what’s the job-hopping is? In simple terms it is the practice of changing jobs frequently, especially as a means of quick financial gain or career advancement. Basically, there are two kinds of job-hopping - random job-hopping which is moving every time you get a better job offer (the typical quick financial gain job-hopping) and strategic job-hopping which is taking a new job because it enhances and helps build your career.  

Key reasons for job-hopping
Welcome to the world of job-hoppers. It’s an employee-driven economy. With more opportunities and avenues round the corner organization are really at the mercy of the employees. Some of the common reasons for hoping jobs as quoted by job-hoppers include dissatisfaction with the job, lack of challenging work, stagnation or less pay, Poor Human resource policy of the corporate, miss handling of the employees, corporate vision and mission not colliding with the employee's persona, too much control applied on the employees, privileges are being delivered on the basis longevity of the employees with the corporate, the eye-popping fat salaries and many more. These appear to be the main reasons for their resignations. Job-hopping also acts as a shortcut to success....
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