Job Evaluation at Whole Foods

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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Neslihan Aruc D03433109

Managing International Human Resources JAN11 Sec B

Instructor: Carolyn Nair

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Summary of Scenario my logistics company the name is ARGIS CORP, at Arizona, is trying to expand operations. Argis Corp wants to expand to establish the first overseas location. So during the next couple months that company plans to open the doors at the new overseas HQ in Dublin, Ireland. As the HR Director my role is to work with line management to identify and select three upper level management employees to work in Dublin. When I read the scenario I found many of the information such as; Gender, Highest Degree, experience abroad, family and children, owns a home. I knew it is not regular management level; this is an upper management level so I should careful to choosing the right people. I would chose candidates number one, three and also number six. Candidates 1: His name is BILL W. I would choose Bill W. because he had an experience abroad and also he has a master degree. But honestly I am little bit worry because he has own family maybe he will focus his some of energies his family. I need little more information about his family and his experiences. I really want to learn did he go to abroad with his family or not. He has some expectation from company. That kind of information has given us. Bill W. is leaving his own house. He would request Argis Corp. pay for his mortgage stateside until his own house becomes rented. Considering all these conditions I would choose Bill W. Candidates 3: Her name is LAINEY P. I would choose Lainey P. because she is younger or she looks like...
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