Pb Technologies-Managing People in Organazations

Topics: Preference, Choice, Candidate Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: December 4, 2012
PB Technologies Exercise
The exercise was designed so that everyone is assigned to an executive position in PB Technologies. Then, everyone has to choose his or her candidate individually before we attend the executives meeting to come up with a single candidate. My position in the organization was the VP of Marketing. Once I received the exercise’s handout, I read it carefully, compared the three candidates’ resumes and then decided to nominate Suzanne T. Valdes for the Senior VP of Finance and CFO position. I based my decision on the fact that she has the most related work experience and personality to the position, EMBA and she is an insider, which I believe is a very important quality for that position. My team consisted of six members. We started our discussion by taking a poll. We were split equally between Kristin and Suzanne. Since nobody supported Nancy, we dropped her profile from our discussion. Then, the two sides tried to convince each other with their choice. We both performed a reaction known as the commitment and consistency principle, which explains that “a person who takes a stand encounters pressures to behave consistently with that commitment”. Another example of commitment and consistency principle is that Kristin supporters argued that if we promoted Suzanne or Nancy then this might cause friction between them. Therefore, we should support Kristin. This argument does not have any basis from the case. It is possible also that hiring an external candidate to the position would make Suzanne and Nancy angry because they might feel less motivated as nether of them is promoted. They have no reason to discuss that argument but since they took a position to support Kristin, they feel committed to that position. During the meeting, I have mentioned that the EMBA is probably more suitable for the position but the group convinced me that there is no difference in the materials between EMBA and MBA. The only difference is that in the EMBA classmates...
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