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Career Development Plan Part I—Job Analysis and Selection

Tina de Leeuw-Runk


December 20, 2010
Danielle Lombard Sims
Career Development Plan Part I—Job Analysis and Selection


InterClean has just merged with EnviroTech and has taken on a new strategic direction. The company will provide full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry and no longer sell only cleaning products. As a midlevel sales manager, I will need to select my sales team by developing a plan that will include the analysis methods used to create a job analysis, and a workforce planning system on sales development for the team. I will exploit internal recruitment as there is a solid talent base in the current sales team. I believe that the structured interview method would be an effective tool to select the final five members of my sales team.

Job Analysis

According to Cascio (2006), job analysis includes a job description that summarizes the task requirements and job specifications that summarizes personal characteristics necessary to do the job such as education, experience, training, and personality. It provides a deeper understanding of the behavioral requirements of jobs, promoting efficiency, and minimizing overlap or duplication.

The five methods typically used to gather information necessary for job analysis is job performance, observation, interview, critical incidents, and structured questionnaires. They are described below:

1. Job performance: performs the job.
2. Observation: simply observe without interfering and record the what, why, and how of the various parts of the job. 3. Interview: a standard format to collect input from the interviewees in which all questions and responses are restricted to job-related topics. 4. Critical incidents: brief incident reports that describe particularly effective or ineffective sales techniques and client service behaviors. 5. Structured questionnaires: questionnaires that list job- and worker-oriented tasks with a rating format to define the important parameters.

I believe that it is worth the time and effort to use all five methods as it will be extremely effective in assessing and gathering the accurate information to create a job analysis.

Job Duties:

1. Primary responsibilities will be to generate new opportunities and grow existing business to meet or exceed quarterly and annual sales targets. 2. Provide comprehensive presentations of InterClean’s full service and turn-key solution packages and manage the sales process through close. 3. Handle all aspects of contract negotiations and develop customized cleaning solutions and systems. 4. Effectively and clearly communicate to sales team, managers, and executive management on client needs and requests. 5. Educate and train clients on their specific industries’ cleaning and sanitation processes and regulations.

Job Specifications:

1. Actively listens, builds trust, and adapts style and tactics to fit the client audience. 2. Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
3. Minimum of three years of sales and business development experience, including experience in and knowledge of industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. 4. Working knowledge of the legal, environmental, safety, ethical and regulatory issues, and OSHA standards of the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. 5. Must have excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills. 6. Must have organizational skills and be a strong team player.

Workforce Planning System

Workforce plans (WP) must flow from, and be consistent with the InterClean’s business and HR strategies. InterClean’s new business strategy is to expand, both domestically and worldwide to provide an all-inclusive, customized solutions-based cleaning systems. The workforce plan must reflect business...
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