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  • Published : March 11, 2014
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Part I
1. Foreman Assertive
2. Bank TellerNon –Assertive
3. Massage service owner Aggressive, Assertive
4. Stock Broker Aggressive, Argumentive
5. Man from SlumsAggressive, Authoritarian
6. PainterArgumentive
7. Baseball FanAggressive
8. ArchitectArgumentive
9. Feeble Old ManNon -Assertive
10. Garage OwnerAggressive
11. WatchmakerNon-Assertive, Argumentive
12. AdmanNon -Assertive

Part II
A. Who was the leader of the jury, and why?
Architect became the leader of the jury, although Balsam was the nominal foreman and Massage service owner was the dominant personality through aggression. B. Witch member of the jury would have made the worst leader, and why? Message service owner for his aggression and racism. Baseball Fan for his indifference and preference to just get out and see the Yankees game. C. What were the major differences between the leader and the man you choose for B.

Architect is patient truth-and-justice seeker who uses soft-spoken, calm logical reasoning; balanced, decent, courageous, well-spoken and concerned; considered a do-gooder (who is just wasting others' time) by some of the prejudiced jurors.

Massage service owner rude and husky man, extremely opinionated and biased, completely intolerant, forceful and loud-mouthed, temperamental and vengeful; estrangement from his own teenaged son causes him to be hateful and hostile toward all young people (and the defendant); arrogant, quick-angered, quick-to-convict, and defiant until the very end.

Part III

Select Five members of the jury .Using the list of possible roles, indicate which roles each member you selected played. There should be more than one specific role, from more than one category. 1.Owner of the messenger (Juror number tree). He thinks the boy is guilty and deserves the death penalty, and repeatedly throughout the film states his opinion that the boy gets what he deserves and that...
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