Final Questions

Topics: Leadership, Social psychology, Group dynamics Pages: 21 (3506 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Question 1
The Hawthorne Effect, as applied to group dynamics research, suggests: Answer
| a.| sociometric methods should be used whenever possible| | b.| group processes cannot be understood using observational methods| | c.| research should be conducted, whenever possible, in the laboratory| | d.| people may act differently when they know they are being studied| | e.| None of the above|

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Question 2
In Kurt Lewin’s formula:  B = f(P,E), P stands for ___ and E stands for ___.  Answer
| a.| prepotency; externalities|
| b.| person; environment|
| c.| potential; evolution|
| d.| predisposition; expectancies|
| e.| None of the above.|
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Question 3
In the prison experiment, Zimbardo attributed the behavior of the subjects who participated in the experiement to: Answer
| a.| the power tactics used by the staff|
| b.| the experimenter’s authority|
| c.| the personality traits of the individuls|
| d.| repeated failures to process relevant information| | e.| the roles which the subjects occupied|
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Question 4
In the study conducted by Lewin, Lippitt, & White, reliance on the leader, critical discontent, and demands for attention were greatest in groups with _________ . Answer
| a.| transactional leaders|
| b.| absent leaders|
| c.| laissez-faire leaders|
| d.| autocratic leaders|
| e.| democratic leaders|
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Question 5
According to the text, humans affiliate in social groups because: Answer
| a.| of their need for belonging.|
| b.| they are instinctively gregarious.|
| c.| isolation is a negative, painful experience.|
| d.| groups provide an evolutionary adaptive advantage.| | e.| All of the above are possible reasons.|
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Question 6
Crandall, in his study of binge eating in women’s groups, found that: Answer
| a.| the groups’ norms were not internalized|
| b.| the more popular women in the group forced less popular women to binge| | c.| most of the groups he studied considered binge eating to be an unhealthy| | d.| women who did not binge tended to start binging when they joined these groups| | e.| All of the above|

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Question 7
Collective memory is potentially superior to individual memory because: Answer
| a.| group members can collaborate when creating memories| | b.| groups can store more information than single individuals| | c.| groups can use cross-cuing to improve memory retrieval| | d.| groups can take advantage of transactive memory systems| | e.| all of the above|

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Question 8
Correlational studies, relative to experiments:
| a.| require excessive manipulation and control of the group situation.| | b.| yield more useful and reliable research findings.| | c.| are not reliable because they are distorted by the Hawthorne effect.| | d.| do not provide an index of the magnitude of the relationship between variables.| | e.| do not yield much information about cause-effect relationships.| 1 points  

Question 9
A superordinate goal is one that can only be achieved by
| a.| group effort|
| b.| two groups working against one another|
| c.| one group|
| d.| two groups working together|
| e.| None of the above|
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Question 10
Studies of inclusion and exclusion indicate that:
| a.| people do not react negatively to rejection from groups. | | b.| individuals who respond negatively to exclusion tend to be insecure.| | c.| people, when excluded by a group, tend to rate the group more positively than people who are accepted by the group.| | d.| inclusion-exclusion is a continuum rather than an either-or process.| | e.| None of the above.|

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Question 11
The concept...
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