Professional Ethical Standards in Criminal Justice Careers

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Professional Ethical Standards in Criminal Justice Careers

While researching a growing number of career potentials in the field of criminal justice, one sticks out more than the others. The field of practicing law and being a lawyer certainly created more interest than some of the others. An attorney has an interesting job, and the side of the law he/she chooses to practice proposes different ethical situations that would create potential dilemmas in everyday situations. Attorneys are people that are sometimes charged with the way other people’s lives are affected. With so many different areas of law to study, this paper will address the field of a defense attorney.

There are many questions a person should ask before making the choice to enter into law school and move forward in this career path. Do I enjoy working closely with people regarding significant issues or events involving their lives? Can I empathize with a client’s situation, yet have the ability to objectively analyze the issues and their consequences in light of the existing law? Do I enjoy educating or teaching a person about a subject which he or she may be ignorant or have serious misconceptions? Am I able to articulate in a clear and concise manner my analysis of a problem to others, whether it is verbally or in writing? Do I enjoy being an advocate? Can I argue both sides of the question with enthusiasm? Do I like detail work? Do I enjoy searching for the facts of a situation? Do I like to read and study? After answering these questions, one can determine whether he or she should pursue a career in law.

A day in the life of a defense attorney includes important decisions and specific judgments that have to be made. A defense attorney typically will practice law by defending people accused of a crime or some other offense. A defense attorney has to be aware that he/she is defending a person that has been accused, has possibly broken the law, and is trying to be...
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