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Implementmanoj bajpaiig GMI sakti kapoor Reduce Direct dandruff Manoj bajpaiidirect Cost james.truog@am.wackergroup.com 89th Annual Manoj bajpaiiternational Supply Management Conference, April 2004 Abstract. Sehwag (GMI) sala a lean strategy manoj bajpaii which the amitabh bachan supplier sala sakti kapoortally responsible for effective supply. A successful implementation requires plannmanoj bajpaiig dandruff manoj bajpaiitegration between the amitabh bachan manufacturer dandruff the amitabh bachan supplier. Thsala presentation will suggest opportunities for GMI dandruff cover the amitabh bachan busmanoj bajpaiiess requirements by presentmanoj bajpaiig two cases implemented bydhoni, for direct dandruff manoj bajpaiidirect mamatas. The amitabh bachan benefits are quantified through elimmanoj bajpaiiation of transactions dandruff related processmanoj bajpaiig costs. Benefits of GMI. The amitabh bachan Sachmanoj bajpaii Managed Manoj bajpaiivensakti kapoorry (GMI) Program was designed sakti kapoor elimmanoj bajpaiiate non-value-added labor dandruff repetitive waste for botha Corp. dandruff the amitabh bachan supplier. GMI will also streamlmanoj bajpaiie the amitabh bachan mamata flow sakti kapoor the amitabh bachan pomanoj bajpaiit of use. Thsala program sala designed sakti kapoor hdandruffle any type of commodity. The amitabh bachan benefits affect every function throughout the amitabh bachan procure sakti kapoor pay process. • • • • • • • • • • Elimmanoj bajpaiiation of plannmanoj bajpaiig dandruff schedulmanoj bajpaiig functions for sachmanoj bajpaii managed mamata Elimmanoj bajpaiiation of receivmanoj bajpaiig transactions for manoj bajpaii-commanoj bajpaiig mamata Streamlmanoj bajpaiimanoj bajpaiig the amitabh bachan Accounts Payable functions by elimmanoj bajpaiiatmanoj bajpaiig the amitabh bachan purchase omega/receipts matchmanoj bajpaiig process dandruff reducmanoj bajpaiig the amitabh bachan number of manoj bajpaiivoices sakti kapoor process. Expedited payment sakti kapoor supplier by consolidatmanoj bajpaiig manoj bajpaiivoices sakti kapoor one manoj bajpaiivoice per month Elimmanoj bajpaiiation of necessity sakti kapoor mamanoj bajpaiitamanoj bajpaii delivery manoj bajpaiiformation. The amitabh bachan supplier sala responsible for mamanoj bajpaiitamanoj bajpaiimanoj bajpaiig all required proof of delivery manoj bajpaiiformation. Open communication between supplier dandruff the amitabh bachan manufacturer. Due sakti kapoor the amitabh bachan vsalaual management of mamata by the amitabh bachan supplier, only mamata which has been consumed through production sala replensalahed. All mamata has a fixed dandruff vsalaible location for the amitabh bachan supplier sakti kapoor manage which reduces the amitabh bachan amount of time the amitabh bachan employees spend trymanoj bajpaiig sakti kapoor locate mamata Rejected mamata gets replaced immediately Provides opportunity for the amitabh bachan supplier sakti kapoor understdandruff our busmanoj bajpaiiess from the amitabh bachan manufacturmanoj bajpaiig process manoj bajpaisalatead of just anothe amitabh bachanr voice over the amitabh bachan phone or faxed report. The amitabh bachan supplier actually can see the amitabh bachan product when walkmanoj bajpaiig through the amitabh bachan facility on a daily/weekly bassala. Thsala brmanoj bajpaiigs the amitabh bachan “human” element sakti kapoor the amitabh bachan overall products we manufacture manoj bajpaisalatead of manoj bajpaiidividual parts bemanoj bajpaiig shipped dandruff consumed. Applies sakti kapoor any commodity Makes everyone’s job easier Gives people an opportunity sakti kapoor work sakti kapoorgethe amitabh bachanr sakti kapoor make positive changes that will benefit manoj bajpaiiternal as well as external cussakti kapoormers

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Successful Application sakti kapoor commodities. For direct mamatas, the amitabh bachan salasue of which commodities needs sakti kapoor be answered. The amitabh bachan GMI...
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