Jesus and God

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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De Castro, Sheila Marie M

" The Passion of the Christ "

UNIT ONE: Christ confronts evil

1. Have there been times in our lives where we were part of a "mob psychology" in just going along with the crowd, not standing up for what we know is right? What was the root cause of our going along with the crowd? Fear? Wanting to be accepted? Lack of moral courage to be counter cultural? Was it out of laziness?

Yes, sometimes we've been very aggressive because we didn't come up with the success that we want to achieve.Our conscience appear everytime we feel that we do bad things or we can't do the right thing. 2. What situations in my life am I most vulnerable to this type of temptation? Standing up for a person? Standing up for a belief? Standing up to defend my faith? What virtues can I work on to rid myself of this weakness?

When someones give negative view behind my back. Forgive those persons who hurt you. Because like Jesus, he forgive the people for all thier mistakes. And because I am a daughter of God that's why if God can forgive meaning I can do it also.

3. Christ deals with the tempter by crushing it underfoot. What temptations slither near my foot? Do I crush them or let them take control? At these times of temptation, is my immediate response one of asking for God's help and looking to Christ my inspiration and hope in resisting the temptation?

The next time that I can face a difficult situation, I will pray for the virtue of hope that God has many reasons why he gave that such situation and he knows I can deal with it and I can survive with it even the most suffering way.

UNIT TWO: Mary witness to suffering with love and faith

1. Was there a disappointment in your life that you felt you simply could not endure? Was there a time when it seemed that your closest friends, those you loved most, had abandoned you? Write about such a time and how Mary could serve as a model for helping you to persevere.

Yes there are...
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