Jesus and Leslie Sickles

Topics: Jesus, Pennsylvania, Academy Award for Best Actor Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Meet Trevor!

Dear Friends, My name is Leslie Sickles, I am the Executive Secretary and Christian Education Coordinator for Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church in Erie PA. I am familiar working with our Presbytery as I was the Chairperson for Christian Education and currently serve on the Mission & Social Witness Committee for the Lake Erie Presbytery. I am hoping I could appeal to the churches in Pittsburgh for help. My daughter was flown by life-flight to Pittsburgh to give birth to my grandson. He was born May 12, 2008 at West Penn Hospital as a preemie weighing one pound, three ounces. With a many prayers and possibly a miracle, Trevor is still with us. He was in West Penn for five months and has been home for five months up until three weeks ago. He picked up one of those nasty viral infections and it went to his lungs. He was flown by life-flight to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He is still on the respirator and as of today a little better. My daughter Valerie and her husband Ryan Millimaci have been by his bedside as much as possible. What they are in need of is a short term apartment. They have been told that his recovery in the hospital is going to be months. We have been busy trying to find an affordable place ($800 or lower per month). The Ronald McDonald House is full most of the time. They have been staying at Rev. Ellie Johns apartment but the tenants below her do not want them there. We do not want Ellie to have to move because of us and her gracious generosity. I would appreciate any help you may be able to give or steer me in the direction that could help. Thank you! Have a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! God's Blessings, Leslie Sickles (814)864-4809 (church/work) (814)868-0519 (home) (814)504-0353

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