Japan Culture Food

Topics: Japanese cuisine, Sushi, Rice Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Purpose of doing this topic: I like Japanese culture food so much and I would like to share some of the type of foods that are famous in Japan.

Introduction of Japanese culture food

Japanese food is very varied. I introduce the food and the cooking method from all over the world and introduce the typical Japanese food here.

The characteristics of Japanese food

- Value on the appearance

- Light seasoning basically by soy sauce

- Use chopsticks when you eat

Beautiful and delicate Japanese sweets

The type of Japanese Culture Foods


-Rice is a basic Japanese food.

- many ways to prepare rice such as fried rice , rice balls , sushi rice , cooked white rice.

- Some things made out of rice are rice gruel , rice snacks , sake , rice vinegar.

-Rice gruel is soft like oatmeal and is typically eaten for breakfast.

- Sake is a Japanese rice wine that is often used in cooking.

-A popular dish in Japan is rice balls which are rice formed into balls and wrapped in seaweed.


-Make the vinegared rice in round shape, and put the thinly sliced raw fish or shellfish on it.

- Put a little horseradish between rice and fish.

-Dank lightly in soy sauce before eating. Example of restaurant sushi king or sakae sushi

Sashimi (raw sea food) sashimi, raw sea food

-Thinly sliced raw fish and shellfish.

- same as the topping of sushi, but it is served without rice ball.

- call it 'Sashimi'. Put some horseradish and dank lightly in soy sauce before eating.


-Put deep fry batter made of wheat flour and egg on shrimps, squids or thinly sliced vegetables. Then fry in oil.

-Dank in soy sauce based 'tentsuyu' added grated radish before eating.


-Sukiyaki is a kind of beef stew.

-Thinly sliced beef, tofu (bean curd), shirataki (elephant foot), leek, chinese cabbage, etc are put in the pan and boiled with the soup made by soy sauce, sweet cooking rice wine and sake.


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