Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year which is known as “Tet” is the most important and

popular holiday and festival in Vietnam. It often begins on late January and ends

on early February . It’s a special time for people to relax, forget all about the

troubles, hope for a better new year and spend time together with their family

and their friends after a hard working year.



Two weeks before the New Year’s Eve, family members try to come back to their

home and get all together to make some preparations for Lunar New Year like

clean and decorate their house. Parents buy new clothes for their children. And

as you can see, no matter how rich or poor they are, Vietnamese people still

decorate their houses with peach flower. Vietnamese people also cook traditional

food such as sticky rice cake and orange sticky rice to prepare for the New

Year’s Eve’s meal.



On Lunar New Year, people have many activities. They always visit their

relatives to wish a happy new year. When the lunar New Year comes, the old

people and the children always give – receive lucky money. Women like going to

pagodas and temples to wish good things for their family for the next year. Young

people take part in the traditional games such as cooking rice, cock fighting and

watching lion dance or human chess.

In my opinion, I think all Vietnamese people love the Lunar New Year. For me, I

really love it. The Lunar New Year is one of the most interesting festival I’ve ever

known. It’s a traditional festival in my country. It is always in Vietnamese’s heart.
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