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Fruit Tang Yuan is the product resulted from the combination of fruits with the traditional Chinese food that is glutinous rice ball which commonly consumed during the Chinese festive season - Winter Solstice. Tang Yuan is originated from the Chinese words “reunion” which gives the meaning of being together especially among family members. What inspire our group to come up with this idea is that 22nd December of every years is the Winter Solstice where every Chinese make and eat Tang Yuan. Our expo day is just one month before the Winter Solstice, and UMS students will be staying at the campus as there is no holiday, thus we thought of bringing this food product up to let them can experience the taste of “home” and feel the warmth of this special day even though we are far away from our hometown. Although students could not celebrate Winter Solstice with family, but they can celebrate here with friends and course mates, with this special food. In order to attract people with something common, a thought of combination is aspired. What the market usually have is the traditional plain glutinous rice ball, or with black sesame, peanut and red bean inside. However, fruit-based Tang Yuan is a new idea. Secondly, fruits impress person with its nutritional value which is high in vitamins and fiber, and it is always combined in the dessert. Fruit is also something easy to manage and easily keep.

A few types of fruit have been considered to combine with glutinous rice ball which include pineapple, mango, apple and orange. These fruits are more common and have greater acceptability. The general idea on this product is that, the fruit juice is used to mix together with the dough to give it the taste and aroma of fruits and the fruit flesh is wrapped inside the dough. Hence a Tang Yuan with fruit aroma and the flesh chewable inside is expected. The Tang Yuan is served chill with two options of soup: soy milk or traditional ginger pandan soup.

Since there is no provision of any electricity and no cooking is allowed during the expo day, the Tang Yuan product is planned as simple as possible. The Tang Yuan is ready prepared in a plastic container with cover. Hence, convenience to bring away is also a factor to attract them to buy the product. Our target customers and market are students, as the location of the expo day will be at the library compound. Our target customers are especially for the locals. For the locals, Tang Yuan may be something new to them. Besides that, Chinese students will be able to taste Tang Yuan too though far away from home. Our team has proposed the name of our product as “Fruitti Mochi”. “Fruitti” gives a cuter way to pronoun “Fruit” while ”Mochi” is originated from a Japanese word which means glutinous rice ball. An attractive product name may grab the attention of consumers as well. As our group had a few trials on the making of Fruitti Mochi, we found a problem is that it is not easy to apply fruits flavor on glutinous rice ball. When we mix juices, for example apple juice into the dough, wrapping apple flesh in it and cook, the flavor of apple is not strong enough to be tasted. Hence we made some modifications on the product and choose heavy flavor and aroma fruits such as mango to be applied on the glutinous rice ball. Fruits which could give a nice appearance on the product, such as dragon fruit which give a sharp purple color to the Mochi are one of the choices of fruit we used. Thus, a little change in our product concept is that, the combination of fruits with glutinous rice ball can be done as long we could improve the glutinous rice ball with fruits in terms of flavor, appearance, and texture. Therefore, our group believes that although dragon fruits do not give a strong fruit flavor but it is acceptable since it gives a nice appearance on the product which can attract buyers. Our group aim to sell the product at a high inventory turnover rate, this is to reduce the...
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