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Welcome to the IVHQ China volunteer program! My name is Sarah Sutherland and I will be your IVHQ volunteer travel consultant for the China program. I am very excited to have you on our program and congratulate you on making the decision to go abroad and volunteer. It is never an easy decision to make but I guarantee you now, that your time in China will be some of the most rewarding and amazing you will ever experience. It's great to have you onboard and your skills and qualifications will make you an excellent volunteer.

It is my job is to help you prepare by answering any questions you may have and collecting the information we require of you before you go. I am a very experienced volunteer coordinator and having done "a ton" of volunteering myself, am more than qualified to answer any queries you may have. If after reading the booklet you have any questions about your impending volunteering stint, do not hesitate to get in contact with me at sarah@volunteerhq.org or +6467587949 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +6467587949 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have. While you are overseas I will also maintain regular contact with you to ensure everything is going accordingly and you are happy ;-).IVHQ – China Information Booklet This email contains the link to your IVHQ China Information Booklet (if the link is not found below, please check the bottom of the email - some email providers such as hotmail provide a foot note link at the bottom of the email). It is imperative that you read this booklet as it contains vital info on what to expect in China, local customs, basic safety tips, your volunteer program, your arrival in China, what to bring and other essential information. NB Please note that this booklet has much more information than the preregistration booklet. Therefore it is extremely important you take the time to read this booklet. It will answer almost all your questions and is a necessity in preparing for your trip abroad.Download your IVHQ China Information Booklet PDF here

OK, this email is important so please ensure that you SAVE IT! It is filled with important information for your impending volunteer stint. All this information can be a bit overwhelming so make sure you take it slowly and if it gets too much, have a break and read it later. In China, you will be working with our partner organisation – Volunteer China International (VCI). This is an organization based in Xi’an which assists local Chinese communities to develop through the establishment of programs that benefit the most number of people in China.

VCI's program coordinator is Mr David Zou and he will be your supervisor during your placement. You will go through an orientation when you arrive and should talk to David if any matters arise while volunteering. David will be available to you via email before and during your stay. IVHQ is based in New Zealand and we have no offices elsewhere. This follows our philosophy of helping local communities. We provide volunteers for VCI who then arrange placements within their program. Once you get to China, VCI will be your primary support. I will become second tier at that stage, but remember that I am always here 24/7 if any problems arise. While you are preparing to go, I am your first point of call. I have asked David to email you to introduce himself and his organisation.

SPAM Filters
Many volunteers use their University addresses at their contact email address and we have found that they have high security settings sometimes rejecting our emails. Ensure you set your SPAM filters to receive emails from myself and also from our local staff in country. If you have not received correspondence from our local staff within a few days, please check your JUNK inbox and reset your filters.

As requested you have been placed on the China Childcare program program for 2 weeks starting 21st May 2012.

The program fee for 2 weeks will be US$365. NB...
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