Cultural Barriers for Volunteer Work in Jaramana

Topics: Volunteering, Volunteer, Volunteerism Pages: 12 (2856 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Proposal paper for a graduation project
A Case study in: Cultural barriers for volunteer work in Jaramana

Higher National Diploma in Business Management, Edexcel International , Damascus, Syria

January 29, 2013

Table of content:

1.Executive summary:3
4. Research questions:4
6.Literature review:5
Article 1:5
Article 2:5
Article 3:6
Article 4:6
Article 5:7
Article 6:7
Article 7:8
Article 8:9
Article 9:10
Article 10:10
7.Research importance:11
8.Research design:11
9.Data analysis:11
10.Measurement Instrument:11
13.Facilities and resources:12
14.Project management:12

1. Executive summary:
Through this proposal we will illustrates the ways in which the survey will be conducted. Starting from a problem statement, we will point out the main objectives and the importance of the survey, which are concerns about Cultural barriers for volunteer work in Jaramana. Volunteers in Jaramana, and who are thinking about volunteering will benefit from the information that will be provided through the research. The present study will consider the literature review as a reference to identify what researchers found out regarding the volunteer work issue. The questionnaire will be the measurement instrument.

After analyzing the Data though the SPSS program, results will be in form of texts, percentages and figures.

2. Introduction:
Volunteer work is one of the most important humanitarian works that people can participate in. Natural disasters and wars that swept the world need humanitarian organizations so that volunteers can help the affected people. For that, it requires to raise the awareness among members of the community through family raising. But today, the society we live in there is a misconception about volunteerism and volunteer work in general, due to cultural barriers that have prevailed since a long time in the community and led to that concept. These barriers lead to failure to achieve voluntary work properly and obstruct the volunteers in their work. And we will see some of the barriersthat face volunteer work, articles about volunteerism

3. Definitions:
1. Cultural barriers: is a set of ideas and concepts prevailing in underdeveloped societies which inherited to children from their parents because of the lack of people with the sincere intention to change by working hard to raise awareness. 2. Volunteerism: It's a non-profit work carried out by an individual or group of individuals in order to provide any assistance to any segment of society and to develop its standard of living, regardless of religious or political belonging. 3. Volunteer: A person who has a certain skill or experience, he use it to perform social duty by his choice and a voluntary, without return of any kind.

4. Research questions:
1. Does the low of capita incomes impact the departure of many away from volunteer work to earn a living? 2. Does the volunteer’s time for work or study affect on the opportunity to participate in volunteer work? 3. Does some young people's fear of commitment and responsibility affect the volunteer work? 4. Does the society opinion that volunteer work is a waste of time affects the volunteer work itself? 5. Does the lackofawarenessinthe society affects the importance of volunteer work? 6. Does the family negative look for volunteer work affect volunteers?

5. Objectives:
1. Explain the concept of volunteerism to the community.
2. Know if the low individual income affects the departure of many from volunteer work to earn a living. 3. Know if volunteer's time conflict with time of work or study affect the opportunity to participate in volunteer work. 4. Know if some young people's fear of commitment and responsibility affect on the volunteer's work....
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