Itm533 It Project, Logistics, and Contract Management

Topics: Project management, Management, Project planning Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: April 11, 2012
ITM533 IT Project, Logistics, and Contract Management
Summer 07
Module 1 Case Assignment
Dr. Kathleen Hargiss

Project management is definitely more art than science. Project teams consist of people and no two people, personalities, or skill sets are the same. This is the project manager’s blessing and curse. Given the 14 Key Principles for Project Management Success (Greer 1999), no two project managers will interpret these principles the same, nor will they execute their duties with equal skill. I will demonstrate the art of project management as I step through these 14 Key Principles.

Project managers must focus on three dimensions of project success. With these three dimensions including time, budget, and quality we imply there is a finite amount of time and money. Quality is then left up to the team, a team comprised of innovative, creative, talented people. Or perhaps a team containing a glory-hound without much skill to offer, a whiner armed with great innovation, and a disagreeable customer. The successful project manager will possess a broad scope of people skills to manage a diverse team. Given the project manager has the opportunity to select his team, it will likely be a well rounded team with skills and creativity. Lacking the opportunity to select his team, the project manager may have to deal with issues beyond time, money, quality, and scope. This is the art of navigating human interaction.

Planning is everything—and ongoing. Once the basic project plan is completed, plan on it changing. Flexibility is essential in project planning. The successful project manager will possess the capacity to anticipate change, think ahead, and be ready for contingencies. These are behavioral skills inherent in the project manager’s personal qualities and are, on occasion, teachable. (Kondo, 2007) This is the art of anticipation. Project managers must feel, and transmit to their team members, a sense of urgency. Team members tend to...
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