Item Measures, the System I Agricultural Law

Topics: Law, Common law, Agriculture Pages: 7 (2146 words) Published: March 26, 2013
The concept and purpose of agricultural law.
Methods of regulation in agricultural law.
Principles of Agricultural Law.
The system of agricultural law.

The concept and purpose of agricultural law. Agrarian Law of Ukraine emerged in the 70s of the last century and is now one of the most important sectors of the national law. Agrarian law governing agrarian relations, integrated content, essence, goals and activities. They arise in the economic activity of agricultural subjects, based on different forms of ownership and management, who directed the production, transportation, storage and sale of agricultural products, foodstuffs and raw materials of plant and animal origin, including in processed form, for profit. Agricultural activity has certain characteristics - association with the use of the natural properties of agricultural land. Therefore, agrarian law, along with the land law regulates relations connected with the use of land. The rules governing the agrarian law of Ukraine in a certain way and question development in the village, creating a proper standard of living of the peasants, whose number is more than 3% of the country's population. Standards of Ukraine Agrarian Law also regulates relations in the sphere of agricultural raw materials, sales of the product. Thus, the agrarian law of Ukraine - is a complex area of ​​law that covers the body of law governing agrarian relations, which consist in production and related agricultural activities in the use of agricultural land agricultural farming entities. Agrarian law is characterized by its inherent subject of legal regulation. This specific subject is agricultural relationship that, firstly, arising from the special legal status of subjects of agricultural law, with their specific tasks and objectives and secondly, consist in food production, food and raw materials of plant and animal origin , processing and sale of raw agricultural business entities. Agricultural relationship as a matter of agrarian rights are interrelated and integrated relationship property, land, membership, participatory, corporate, administrative and employment trends in the splendor of their manifestation in the implementation tasks of the subjects of agricultural enterprise. Public relations are the subject of agrarian law, are a complex set of relations as the composition of actors (including citizens who participate are members or shareholders or participants of subjects of agricultural enterprise, cooperative or corporate types), and in their subject and content. The subjects of these relations is every agricultural entrepreneur with legal status of private law cooperative or corporate types and accordingly its members or shareholders or members. In cooperative enterprises between this type of entity (cooperative) and its members appear complex, grounded on the right of membership, farm labor, management, property and land legislation. As a generic term, they all consist of individual species and are determined by the nature of the industrial, economic, financial, social and domestic activities of the agricultural business entity. Major role in agricultural production relations play about the use of agricultural land as the main means of agricultural production. They include the procedure and conditions for granting land ownership and land use rights, the rights and obligations of land users and others. With land relations are closely related property agrarian relations arising from the ownership, use and disposal of property, distribution of profits among the members farms and so on. By subject Agricultural Law also includes labor relations, which consist in the organization of work, discipline, remuneration, etc. in the agricultural sector. An independent view of agrarian relations, as a kind of object agrarian law is orhanizatsiyno-management relations, which are divided into internal and external. Internal organizational and managerial...
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