The Main Reason Why Russia Was Considered Backwards Was the Agricultural Economy. How Far Do You Agree with This Statement?

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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16/09/12 Sam Lardner The main reason why Russia was considered backwards was the agricultural economy. How far do you agree with this statement?

Short intro into main points, Geography, Economy, Politics and Society Structure. Explain that the supposed factor is important in relation to the question however, there are other factors which affected the question, list points. Paragraph 1 (Geography):

* Talk about vast expanse of land and its limitations
* Only 1 railway link throughout entire country
* Structure of land and country made it hard on many issues. Paragraph 2 (Economy):
* Russian population and the problems it posed.
* Agricultural significance linking back to question
* Industrial significance.
* Economic Unbalance.
Paragraph 3 (Politics):
* Alexander II, reforms
* No political representation, no elections and no political parties. Some changes occurred later, Zemstvos * Alexander III
* Unstable country
Paragraph 4 (Society Structure):
* Class divide was clear, Serfdom
* Problems with women and Jews.
* Things seemed to more favour the wealthier people in society. (Attempt to link each point together)
Tie off points made. Do not introduce any new information.

Do NOT use “I” or “In Conclusion”

During the 19th century, the agricultural economy was a very important factor to why Russia was considered backwards at that time. The majority of the population lived in rural communities and were exposed to primitive agriculture. A large expanse of Russia was uninhabited and due to its terrain, no farming could be initiated. However, there are other factors which affected the state of Russia in the 19th century including Geography, Economy, Politics and the Society structure. These all had some level of significance to why...
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