It-280 Week 6 Assignment Windows Vista Upgrade Technical Papaer

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When upgrading from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows Vista, you might encounter some problems with the upgrade, such as power, memory, expansion cards, and staff and use training. Listed below are some of these challenges that you might encounter and should take into consideration when upgrading from Microsoft XP to Microsoft Vista.

One of the key challenges with upgrading to Windows Vista is making sure that there is full application compatibility. For users who are using Windows XP, upgrading them to Windows Vista, can be very challenging, since most of the current applications are not natively compatible with Vista.

Microsoft has identified several issues that are challenging in Microsoft Vista and that are known to cause problems with application compatibility. Listed below are some of these issues:

1. User Account Control--Applications will need to support new standard user permissions within the applications. 2. Windows Resource Protection of system files and protected registry locations; applications that persist in protected areas will need to be modified. 3. Internet Explorer will execute with lower rights, typically not allowing access to local files stored on the system 4. New system APIs expose the layers of the Windows Vista operating system for Anti-Virus software and Firewall manipulation. Applications that perform these functions will need appropriate modifications using they new system APIs. 5. 64 Bit Windows Vista--16 bit applications and 32 bit drivers will not be supported in the Windows Vista 64 bit environment.

If there are any custom-built applications on the system, they may not be supported, but can possibly be remediated to work with Microsoft Vista. This can be costly and very time-consuming, if this work will be completed in-house. These are just some the issues that are very important that have been identified by Microsoft...
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