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  • Published : October 29, 2011
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Study Guide for Windows Vista ®

Matthew J Doyle Sr.

July 15th, 2011

Axia, University of Phoenix

Instructor: Moses Lundquist


This study guide will help a Professional to trouble shoot Windows Vista®. This will include updating and setting update times along with some program issues such as crashes and slow down of the computers in a network environment.

How to examine stability of Windows Vista®
* Start
* Go to control panel
* Double click on administrator tools
* Find reliability tools and double click on it
* Press ok on the warning box
* The reliability tool will open
* Check for errors in installing software by using reliability monitor * Scroll until you see the error indication mark
* Note date and software that is in the error
* This will show were the problem is located
* Close administrator tools window and reliability windows

Current activity
* Open Joe calendar program
* Double click on the desktop icon to open
* This will show three command prompt boxes
* Open reliability and performance monitor
Using rel in start search

Cause of performance issue
* With performance monitor open
* Check CPU and memory usage
* Double click on CPU note highest used application in CPU and mermory. This indicates

* Check memory usage by double click memory button

Notice the same program is taking all resources (joecal2.exe). This shows that the installation of this application has errors. Suggesting the use of windows share calendar is recommended. * Close monitoring tools and command prompts

Enabling auto updates
* Go to start then control panel
* Double click on windows update
* Click on check for updates
* This error appears
* Click on change settings in the left side panel
* Notice the updates red shield icon is...
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