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oPilgrimage is the supreme prayer for forgiveness of sins committed and the ultimate preparation for eternity oPilgrimage rituals which must be performed, eg circumambulation of the Ka’ba oThe rites of the Hajj symbolise the essential concepts of Islam and commemorate the trials of the Prophet Ibrahim and his family oHajj: The annual, week-long pilgrimage to Mecca (in modern-day Saudi Arabia), which is the fifth pillar of faith and is therefore an obligation as it is prescribed in the Qur’an. The complete Hajj occurs two months and ten days after Ramadan ends and culminates with ‘Id al-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice). oIhram: The white garments are symbolic of human equality and unity before God, since all pilgrims are dressed similarly. Money and status are no longer a factor for the pilgrims— the equality of each person before God becomes foremost. oBefore they leave they must pay their debts, provide for for Hajj nd provide for any family that may be left behind. oThe rituals occur in and around Mecca.

oBefore commencing Hajj or entering the holy area of Makkah the pilgrams must prepare themselves for the physical and spiritual journey ahead. This includes •Formal washing of the complete body
Making intention
Putting on the clothing consisting of two seamless pieces of white cloth for males. Females can wear what they like, provided its modest and covers body. •Attaining a state of Ihram, a state of purity, peace and honesty → refraining from sex, flirting, lustful thoughts, wearing shoes or socks. •Reciting a prayer that the Hajj is for Allah alone → “here I am responding to your call O Allah. I am responding to your call.” oThen begins the physical journey of the pilgrim in Makkah. One that will take several days to complete.

oMuslims believe that the rites of Hajj were designed by God and taught by the Prophet Muhammad. oThe Hajj is designed to develop God consciousness and a sense of...
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