Ap World History 600c.E

Topics: Mongol Empire, Islam, Genghis Khan Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Time period from 600A.D-1450
* spread of Islam A.D632
1. Islam=submission to the will of god
2. Mohammed= the final prophet
3. Hijra = the migration of Mohammed and he's followers from Mecca(scared city) to medina due to hostility of merchant aristocracy. 4. returned to medina in 630, and transferred the kaba as the religious site of Islam. 5.abbasid dynasty (750-1250) encourages conversion to Islam from other religions 6 Qurans=people of the book

7. Values of Islam
Honor parents, kind to neighbors, protect widow and orphans, give to the poor Condemns
Murders, steeling, lying, adultery
marriage, divorce, inheritance, business
Gambling, pork, alcohol
Polygamy, Slavery, Jihad(struggle for relationship with god) 8. 5 pillar of faith
Shahada-Only one God
Salat- Pray 5 times a day
Sawm- fasting 9th month of Islam Calendar
Zakat- Arm Giving to neighbors
Hajj- Pilgrim to Mecca, wear White garment walk around the cube shrine 9.split in the Islamic religion
Shiit -believe that Ali's descendent is the ruler
-Mohammed is not the final prophets
Sunnis- Believe that only the Umayyad as the ruler
-Mohammed is the last Prophets
10.Umayyad Caliphate
Social structure
-Muslim Arab
-NonArab Muslim
-Non Muslim Free person
*Inequality leads to social unrest more of Muslim Population become Non Arabic were not giving the same right as Arab -Dome Of rock Build later destroyed by the Rome.
-Islamic Golden Age
11.Fall of Abbasid
-brought crops to Europe
- Arab merchants dominates the Indian ocean trade
-fall caused by problems fight over succession
-vast wealth faced financial corruption
* Tang china(618-907)
-use imperial examination system to recruit well-educated citizens to serve the empire -peak of Chinese military power extended to many different areas influencing others with their literary culture. -the Most glorious period of all...
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