World Religious Tradition

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Elements of Religious Traditions
Patricia McNeely
June 8, 2012
Dr. Victoria Yancey 
Elements of Religious Tradition

What a religious tradition says?
Understanding religion beliefs and key characteristics on how religion manifest in some degree of belief a system where several beliefs fit together into a systematic interpretation of the universe and human being’s placed in it. Community is shared and its ideas are practice by groups.

Stories that express the religious beliefs are retold and reenacted. Central myths are major events in the life of Hindu god Krishna, the enlightenment experience of the Buddha, the exodus of the Israelites from oppression in Egypt, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Religion is a way of life founded upon apprehension of sacredness in existence. Ethics are often viewed as having been revealed from a supernatural realm, but can be viewed socially generated guideline

Emotional experiences associated with religions are dread guilt, awe, mystery, devotion, conversions, “rebirth”, liberation, ecstasy, bliss, and inner peace. Religions make use of an astonishing variety of physical elements.

What a religious tradition does?
Christians use water for baptisms; Jews use water for ritual purification; and Muslims and followers of Shinto wash before prayer. Ashes also have widespread use among religious tradition to suggest death and the spirit world: are used by tribal religions in dance ceremonies. Pilgrimage is a universal way to experience a variety of human belief at first handand you do not have to belong to a specific religion. Benefits from this ancient practice are to see firsthand and experience religious art and architecture in the places and contexts for which they were created. Large companies give contribution for student to study abroad by scheduling charter flight and hotel accommodation.

How religious tradition organizes?
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