Reflection of "Inside Mecca"

Topics: Mecca, Muhammad, Saudi Arabia Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Jenny Mayrell

Reflection: “Inside Mecca” by National Geographic

This was an eye opening documentary that identifies the symbolism of Mecca, experience, and meaning of Hajj. The camera follows three individuals from different countries on their spiritual journey to Hajj, located in Mecca. All three went to Mecca to participate in Hajj, an extremely large group of people gather for a quest of redemption as Islamic pilgrims. The people involved in this documentary are very serious about their faith; they go to great lengths to make this spiritual journey. The documentary expresses that the ones that make it to Hajj are changed spiritually forever.

Hajj is a five day quest which takes place in Mecca, and it includes many spiritual rituals. Mecca is located in the western Mountains of Saudi Arabia, it has been considered as sacred territory even before Islam. People not allowed to hunt or cut the trees in this area. The Kaba, known as the celestial house of God, is a simple stone building covered in a beautiful hand sewn cloth made with gold, standing 50 feet high, and is located in the center of Mecca. Muslims believe that Adam built the Kaba with cosmic plans handed down by God, and re-built by Abraham after the great flood. The South East corner of the Kaba embraces a black stone within silver, some believe it fell from the heavens, and Abraham used it during construction. Islam believes that Abraham started the pilgrimage, he is also known as the father to Jews, and Christians. Abrahams story is the core of the pilgrimage, and the annual rituals displayed in mecca during Hajj were established by him. The main purpose of Hajj is submission to one god. It is known that pre- Islamic Arabs practiced the pilgrimage to Mecca; this practice is older than Islam.

The annual Hajj celebration brings millions of people to Mecca during the season. It has been the exclusive domain for Muslims for 14,000 years; it’s the reason why Mecca is a famous place. Mecca is...
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