Is Money an Effective Motivator at Work?

Topics: Force, Leadership, Motivation Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Is money an effective motivator at work?

When I saw this topic, my first reaction is yes. Because we are all work for money, which could support our family, for eating, dressing, traveling, shopping and so on. To be honest, money could bring everything, including happiness. So it is impossible for someone to work hard without money. But after second thought, I realized that there are some other motivators of work, such as self-interest, social status, or some other reasons. About working is for money and power, the impetus of ordinary workers is inseparable from the topic. Intermediate managers, especially Chinese, insist that money is the most powerful force. All things are obedient to money,really? Money - poor credit card, is it always a powerful motivator of performance? Theorists of Authoritative organization think that the policy with sticks and carrot can make the workers work, this type of carrot-and-stick could really use in the industrial revolution. Most economists who hold the concept of "economic man" has a similar view. To these views, Psychologist’s reactions are very strong. They cited some surveys as evidence. What is the most important factor? When the workers were asked about the work of judgment, "pay" generally is in the sixth, located after safety, colleagues at work, tastes, benefits, etc. Recently, some other survey found that pension and other benefits are of importance than salary. But money is not the only power. Work safety, fitting, a caring environment is motivation. About the power of work, I discussed with some classmates who have been working for several months. In the process of chat, students think work environment including leadership, colleagues and environment construction, people always think a good leader is the greatest power, their work colleagues of harmony and comfortable working environment is the premise that oneself like work, have harmonious environment is happy. When it comes to work, students...
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