ILM3 Management: Understanding how to motivate to improve performance

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Fundamental human needs Pages: 7 (2405 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Understand the factors that influence motivation levels in the workplace We can define motivation as the desire and willingness to do something and the inner force that helps individuals achieve their goals. Understanding what motivates employees and what employers can do to motivate their employees has been the focus of research for many years. This is mainly because motivated employees can provide an organisation with a distinctive advantage and a competitive edge and by being more productive they can help the organisation thrive and survive. In a public service organisation such as West North West Homes we would expect staff to be motivated partly by the desire to have a positive impact on others. Someone working within a sales team may be expected to be motivated by making progress and ‘winning’. However it must also be considered that a person working within the social sector needs reward and progression. A sales person may also be motivated by providing an excellent service to the customer and having a positive impact on others. It is often considered that money is the defining factor in staff motivation. However when asked to rank a range of factors that relate to personal motivation, money often features less in choosing a job. There are also many other factors that affect motivation; however research shows that two of the largest contributory factors are the cultural and environmental facets of an organisation. If negativity exists in either of these components employee motivation has a good potential of spiralling downwards. In my experience, if an organisation cultural atmosphere is plagued with negativity this can have a terrible effect on the mind set of employees which can be difficult to change. Employers who invest time and effort into developing a positive working environment often find their employees are happier and this attitude becomes part of the organisations culture. However if no effort is given to this a wave of pessimism can overtake and result in low morale and motivation because there is nothing positive to strive towards. Environmental conditions tend also to impact on motivation in the workplace. I work in an office that is sparse with bad air ventilation, and bad lighting that can sometimes give me headaches, this can slow down my productivity and can lead me to be becoming less motivated. I feel that if employees are motivated, the environment should promote efficiency and allow staff to be comfortable and have the tools needed to do a good job. There are many other contributing factors that effect motivation in the workplace. These include staff reward and recognition, security and job advancement and feeling of respect. Employees who lack motivation are more likely to be sloppy within their work, but on the other hand if they are valued and provided with some initiative they will probably take more pride in their work and strive to do better. Job security can result in higher motivation. WNWHL has recently gone through the process of a review which meant many employees have spent each day worrying whether or not they are going to get the axe, this can become distracting, and fear can overtake concentration abilities. Employees are also more willing to work hard if they can see advancement opportunities. If I were to consider what motivates me in the workplace, respect would probably be second on my list. A lack of respect would lead me to have poor motivation, and I don’t think anyone would like to be treated poorly and without respect. When I have respect from my manager I feel I’m more apt to respond and will go out of my way to meet the mission and goals of my organisation. Obviously it is important to remember that respect is a two way street. As I mentioned respect would come second on the list of my five core values, listed are the other values I feel I could not function without: •Having a positive impact

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