Is It Necessary for Students to Eat Breakfast

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Is It Necessary for Students to Eat Breakfast
According to a recent study of 700 ninth graders in Louisiana who completed a 24-hour recall of dietary intake, "both girls (23%) and boys (14%) skipped breakfast. Overall, results showed that 19% of the students skipped breakfast"(Zullig 6). There are some excuses for students who are not have breakfast. Some students who stay up late to study at night choose to miss breakfast so that they can have a few extra minutes in bed. Others feel not hungry in the morning. In addition, a few schoolgirls want to stay slim and often go to school without breakfast. In fact, Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. As the saying goes, have a king's breakfast, have a common people's lunch, and a beggar's dinner. Although students do not have enough time to eat breakfast, students should not only have breakfast, but also care about its quality because it keeps students healthy both mentally and physically. The first reason for eating breakfast is because breakfast is the energy source of brain activity that students need food for to do well in their classes. Without eating breakfast, body can not supply enough blood sugar for consumption. Students’ body and their brain are not going to function as good as they could because they have no energy and no strength. When students try to learn something and have nothing in their stomach, they are going to have a lot of trouble succeeding. A lot of students think that they should not eat because they are going to feel tired, but that’s not true. According to Ujwal, The main reason as to why students feel tired is explained below. "Feeling tired after eating is usual when [students] consume food stuffs that have large volumes of sugar and flour in them such as bakery or sweet food items. Presence of excess sugar in [their] body results into increase in the blood sugar level. This further leads the pancreas to produce more insulin and release it into the blood stream of [their] body. Excess secretion of insulin, results into a substance called tryptophan to move into the brain. Tryptophan is a protein building block and which on reaching the brain gets transformed into serotonin. It is finally due to serotonin, that [students] feel tired after eating" (Ujwal 1). The main concern over here is alterations in the diet. The most important reason behind feeling tired after eating is heavy foods containing high amounts of sugar in them, so avoid eating them. Then students will not feel tired after eating breakfast. Breakfast is not a very big meal,"people can choose some healthier and lighter foods such as green salads, fish, chicken and nuts and vegetables. These foods are easy to digest and also you would not get tired after eating these foods, as students’ body will be able to generate a lot of energy, no matter how much their work"(Ujwal 1). Students not only have enough energy for study but also never feel tired. On the contrary, students are going to feel tired if they do not have breakfast because they have spent the entire previous night without food. For a long time, it will affect the development of brain. It could have adverse effect on memory. If students do not eat breakfast in the morning, it will appear the lack of energy of the brain and caused by memory loss. Secondly, breakfast is more than an energy source, and students should eat breakfast before going to school is good for health. When students skip breakfast and go to school, they are looking for disease because it is not healthy to have an empty stomach all day long. For instance, in Tomoko and Rieko’s article,"A questionnaire survey of female college students aged from 18 to 20 years old…These findings suggest that skipping breakfast is associated with menstrual disorders, and affects the physical condition of female college students who are undergoing post-adolescent maturation"(Tomoko&Rieko 714). It notes that female college students who consistently skipped...
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