Is Advertisements Good or Bad

Topics: Advertising, Argumentative, Fallacy Pages: 5 (1686 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The mass media is flooded with advertisements of every kind. One has only to flip through the pages of magazines or newspapers or sit through a television programme to see the wide coverage advertisements receive in terms of space and time. Companies fork out large amounts of money just to advertise their products or services. Surely then, advertisements must offer a host of benefits or why do producers spend so much money on them and why do people put up with them? Revolving around this matter, there are two articles being review to identify the advantages which people nowadays had been said as the advantages of advertisements. The first article being review is titled “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising” written by Milan Chaterjee while the second article being review is titled “Is Advertising in Trouble?” written by ET Bureau from The Economic Times article. Nonetheless, in this article, they would be an argument between the first article and the second article. The first article tends to be weaker due to some fallacies identified in the article. What then, are the benefits of advertisements? In the first place, advertisements has been said to provide us with information about job vacancies and also about properties or cars for sale. Through advertisements, employers can recruit workers and people who wish to put up their properties for sale can find buyers or vice versa. Advertisements offer a wide variety of options to both potential buyers and sellers. In the first article written by Milan Chaterjee, it had stated that level of advertising are just too much these days because people are on average less happy than they were 30 years ago despite being overwhelmed by too much advertising nowadays (refer argument map 1). These statement falls under the fallacy of hasty generalization as it has no evidence to support its claim that people are happy 30 years ago because in the first article ostensibly says that today people are too overwhelmed because the level of advertising is increasing making them hard to make choice between too many choices as being advertise to them. It is what we call as pseudo-reasoning or normally known as false reasoning. Is it true that people in the past few years live happy enough without being bothered by various kinds of advertisements? The first article is slightly weaker because it is enlighten that the claim had been made through the writer’s opinion without further studies or research being made. Different goes to the second article which give specific statistic on how many public thinks that advertising can contribute to societal problems. The second article titled “Is Advertising in Trouble” written by ET Bureau from The Economic Times article claimed that consumer trust in advertising is low because of about 76.5% public discussion had declared that advertising tend to focus on its alleged contribution to societal problems (refer argument map 2). It had made a conclusion based on biased evidence found from studies that have been made making the second article stronger than the first one. Thus, consumer trust is low due to societal problems being created through advertisements. Although there are grouses about advertisements, the numerous benefits of advertisements remain undisputed. Some establishments like television and radio stations need advertisements to survive. In fact it will not be far-fetched to say that advertisements are the lifeblood of many television and radio stations. Many companies build a reputation for their products through advertisements. Sometimes companies sponsor major sporting events. In this way they help in the development of sports in the country. The first article titled “The Advantaged and Disadvantaged of Advertising” touches the issue of that all businessmen do need advertisement to market their products or services. It claims that all businessmen need advertisement to advertise their goods in various ways to spread knowledge of their goods...
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