Adveritisement- Bane or Boon

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  • Published : December 27, 2012
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"Advertisements-- a bane or a boon?" Write a composition either For or Against the subject. at Wednesday, January 21, 2009
We cannot Escape them. They stare at us from every nook and corner. The highways, the roadways, streets all have hoardings, banners, posters screaming about the goodness of the product they are advertising. Cinema posters on busy roads cause traffic jams. Newspapers have columns and columns, pages and pages devoted to advertisements. Television and Radio stop their suddenly to advertise a shoe, a Saree, a cream or even a toothpaste. There is no subject left which is not advertised.

Do we need these advertisements ? Of course , to know about a product we have read or see something about it . We have to be informed about the new quality or higher standard of a product. But do all advertisements tell us this ? No, they use all kinds of diversions to sell their products. Cinema stars sell cars, watches, holiday resorts and even undergarments. Scantily clad models advertise new clothes which I am sure three-fourth of the people will never be seen clad in them or can never afford them. The market is flooded with all kinds of beauty products that can make us fairer, younger in a matter of days. Beauty Parlors tempt us by claiming to make us thinner and with more hair on our heads.

Advertisements do not tell the whole truth. In the race to have more consumers millions are spent. Look at the Cola wars. Nearly the entire Indian Cricket Team has advertised for one company or the other. Hasn't it affected their game ?

The public is made to part their hard earned money on things they do not need at all. Women rush to sales where the prices are hardly slashed or come back with damaged goods.

Excessive advertisements confuse the public. They create an artificial demand for things, start a race , a competition which people can ill-afford.
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