Irish Health and Safety Law

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  • Published : January 7, 2011
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Before 1989 Ireland had very little laws in place for the safety and health of the people at work. Any law that was in place for this was in place for factory and mine workers only. In 1989 a new act was implemented by the Irish Government to cover all people performing any type of work, this was called The Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act. This Act was then replaced by a newer edition in 2005. My assignment will outline the laws stated in both acts.

In 1989 an Act was brought into Irish legislation called the Health and Safety and Welfare at Work Act. It was created to cover all people who carried out ‘work’. Employers, employees in all places of work and to the self employed. As stated in the 1989 Act a place of work was ‘any, or any part of any, place, land or other location at, in, upon or near which, work is carried on whether occasionally or otherwise.’ Before this Act there was only legislation in place for people working in mines or factories.

The law stated that to prevent any accidents occurring in the workplace the employer must provide a safe place to work along with a safe system and staff who are able to carry out their jobs correctly (Byrne et al, 2003). The employer should accept that there is no such place as an accident-free workplace but he should take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure health safety and welfare of his/her staff. Where the employer is unable to protect against the hazard he should then supply relevant protective wear to aid safety. The employer should also have an exit plan in case of a fire/flood etc. There should be a fire drill held at least once every year. The employer should also ensure that all entrances and exits are kept clear as to prevent an obstruction for people delivering or collecting goods that could cause an accident.

In order for this to work the employee should take reasonable care of his own safety and ensure that his actions do not danger any of the other employees. The employee should...
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