Investigatory Project

Topics: Coconut, Skin, Ointment Pages: 4 (1022 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Ednas School
High School Department
School Year 2012-2013
Of the Requirements
Biology II
Investigatory Project
Presented to:

Ms. Lora Thana Santiago
(Subject Teacher)
Presented by:
Liceralde, Clariebel
Malicdem, Arjay Mar
Mendoza, Lara Andrea
Yala, Jan Carlo Dreian

A. Statement of the Problem
Would oil from coconut and annatto be combined together to become a successful ointment? B. Hypothesis

* If oil from coconut and annatto can be combined together and will result to an ointment, then it can be used as an alternative ointment. * Oil from coconut and annatto cannot be combined together to form an ointment.

C. Objectives

To be able to make an ointment from coconut oil and annatto without spending much using base ingredients being readily available.

D. Significance of Study
A return to natural use of organic things is the need of our time for manufactured drugs are becoming high in price due to economic crises. We need remedies for our common ailments like muscle pains, common colds, cough and fever to lessen our daily expenses especially on health matters. That’s why we thought of something new, the “Coconut Oil and Annatto Ointment.” Coconut oil comes from coconut milk which costs Php 30 and Annatto leaves may be found in farming fields and backyards. Such ointments are already known to many like Efficascent, Katinko, White Flower and Aldrtz Pau Liniment. OINTMENT| COST|

Efficascent Oil| Php 180/100mL|
Katinko| Php 80/30g|
White Flower| Php 297.25/0.67 fl. oz.|
Aldrtz Pau Liniment| Php 290/60mL|

E. Scope and Limitation
Science and technology is responsible for the most of the things we used today and for showing better ways of using other things. We chose coconut and annatto ointment as our investigatory project. F. Definition of Terms

OINTMENTS are fatty...
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