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I was introduced to Melaleuca products as a teenager, but never really liked them. Then I got married and had children. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin condition. I now had to watch what products I used in my house, because anything could cause a breakout. A friend of mine called and told me about Melaleuca and their products. I told her that I would look into it and let her know if I was interested in trying the products. Here is what I found while doing my research.

Melaleuca, Inc. is best known for its role in the herbal renaissance of the late 20th century as a producer of personal care products that feature the melaleuca oil from an Australian plant that is said to contain healing benefits (Net Industries, LLC, 2007). They manufacture and sell over 100 nutritional, personal care, and home cleaning products. These products are sold by a self-employed sales force, which provides an opportunity for a home-based business, which has become a major trend. They not only offer these products in the United States, they offer them in Canada, Taiwan, and Japan.

Melaleuca oil was used long before this company was formed. The Aborigines in Australia discovered a plant called the Melaleuca alternifolia tree and that this plant had healing properties. They used this plant to treat insect bites and heal wounds. It got the nickname tea tree because the leaves from the tree were boiled. Laboratory test were done and soon it was found that this tea tree oil was very effective in treating burns, insect bites, fungal and bacterial infections and other skin conditions. Some used the plant for so many applications that they called it a ‘first- aid kit in a bottle,’ reflected in the fact that Australian soldiers in World War II carried the oil of Melaleuca in their first-aid kits (Net Industries, LLC, 2007).

Here is their company timeline:
1982: Roger Ball learns about the melaleuca oil during a visit to Australia 1984: Oil of...
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