Inverstigatory Prject in Physics

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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A science investigatory project ends with a report. It is also known as the technical paper.

- catch the attention
- concise
- accurate
- descriptive
- self-explanatory
The phrase “A Study to Show” should be avoided, because in research you do not seek to prove something, but rather to impartially find an answer.

- short paragraph of not more than 200 to 250 words
- gives the essential or principal features of the project study - descriptive
- informative

This section includes the following parts:
a. Background of the Study
- presents the reasons that led the investigator to launch the study - a historical background maybe given
- may state some observations & other relevant conditions that prompted the investigator to explore the problem

Some guide questions while writing this part of the paper:
- Why did I select this research project?
- Are there others who have done similar studies?
- What have the others done or not done that moved or spurred me to work on this problem? - What are my own observations which are relevant to the study? - Will the results of the study make any contribution in the attainment of a better quality of life? b. Statement of the Problem/Objectives

- the nature & scope of the problem should be presented with clarity

Two Types of Objectives maybe stated:
1. General Objective – this is related to the problem as given in the early part 2. Specific Objective – this states the purpose of each experiment conducted

c. Significance of the Study
- the importance of the study is explained in this part

d. Scope and Limitations
- states the coverage and extent of the study

Example: from “The Effect of Christmas Palm (Veitchia merrilli) Fruits in Lowering Blood Sugar Level”

( Coverage)
The researchers brought a 2-month old puppy in the MCA clinic (Marlito C. Aruta) for blood analysis. They used the fruits of...
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