Introduction to Personality Paper Psy405

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Introduction to Personality Paper

PSY 405 Theories of Personalities
Instructor – Jerry Mote
September 15th, 2012

Introduction to Personality
The word personality is one of ancient roots. Based out of the Latin word, persona, this word was named after a mask or disguise that an actor would wear for a production (Feist & Feist, 2009). Such a persona would be worn by an actor in order to portray an appearance for a production that was not their own. In the current world around us, the word personality has taken on a new meaning. Rather than display the fictitious appearance of an actor, it is used to describe the actions and behaviors of an individual based on their character traits. Personality traits are a complicated web of factors that make up what we observe as the persona of an individual. When these traits come together patterns begin to emerge that take shape in the form of regular individual characteristics (Feist & Feist, 2009). Scientific Approaches to Studying Personality

The study of personality within the science of psychology is a very complicated process. This is because of the individuality of personalities. There are as many personalities as there are individuals within an environment. Each personality is shaded and biased in its own way due to their human nature. On the topic of human nature within the scientific study of psychology, there are six factors to consider: Determinism versus free choice

Pessimism versus optimism
Causality very teleology
Conscious versus unconscious determinants of behavior
Biological versus social influences
Uniqueness versus similarities
Free choice is based on the belief that behavior is controlled by tangible human command. Determinism however states that behavior is controlled through the manipulation of the environment. INTRODUCTION TO PERSONALITY PAPER 3

Optimism follows the...
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