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Shampoo is English word come from Hindi word “Champi” in 1762. The mean of this word consigned to head massage with several hair oil. It is recent shampoo was primarily forwarded in 1930s by mean of “Drean”, containing artificial surfactant. Generally shampoo is the mixture of surfactant, co-surfactant which makes the thick and viscous solution for shampoo and water. Shampoo also contains salt (Sodium chloride), preservative as well as fragrance.

Features of Standard Shampoo

1. Shampoo should give pleasing foam which should be rinsed easily.

2. It should not be irrigative for skin and eyes.

3. It should have minimum toxicity.

4. Shampoo should have superior by biodegradability.

5. Shampoo should be slightly acidic.

Neem oil shampoo :Origin

In our research project we want to discuss about Azadirachta indica (neem) `s product is a shampoo. It is a product of natural Azadirachta indica`s (neem) that consist of neem oil as well as neem leaf extract. Neem shampoo is a shampoo that contains some neem oil or neem leaf extract or both. The oil and the leaf extract have similar vigorous ingredients, but in changing concentrations. Both are fantastic for skin and scalp health. There are the ingredients of neem shampoo and present in different concentration. These ingredients are very beneficial in case of skin as well as scalp diseases.

Making of Neem oil shampoo

Just mix 1-5 ml of neem oil in 100 ml of shampoo. Adjust the concentration of neem oil according the use. We can increase the concentration of neem oil in the shampoo in case of dandruff or head lice. Keep it in the sterile screw capped bottle to avoid leakage.

Features of Neem oil shampoo

Neem oil has the quality to relieve in itching on scalp, scalp psoriasis, dandruff as well as gives stronger, silky and glossy hair and control over the hair fall problem. Neem oil shampoo is useful for strong hair and for some disease because neem leaf is used for making Neem oil shampoo. If we make shampoo with the neem oil or neem leaf, it will be natural and more beneficial as compare to cosmetic shampoo. It is very useful in the parasitic disease. It can control the head lice population as well as completely remove this problem.

Neem oil shampoo

A green coloured bottle would be used for the packaging shampoo.

Lovely natural fragrance

Item model number: FG0012

This item will also available at selected countries outside the UK.

Target Market

The main target market is male and female between the age group 16-40 year. But in the promotional activities, cover the whole market irrespective of these classes.

Distribution Channel

The channels of distribution of Neem oil shampoo follows the conservative route, factory to distributer than distributer send to whole-seller to retailer and retailer provide shampoo to the customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Company will fully take care about the satisfaction of the customers. Customer can change their shampoo from the shopping centre from where they will purchase it within the limited period of time If any customer not satisfied about the product packaging and expiry date or any other matter related with the shampoo.

Where Product Can Be Available

Neem oil shampoo is available at every cosmetic shop and store in every city and town. In the shopping mall customers can also purchase product of our company.

Results of the Questionnaire

The survey sample to 35 questionnaires were issued ( 20 males and 15 females), actual recovery is 35 copies. It is involved that nine questions about shampoo (7 items objectively question and a subjective question). Findings as follows:

What is your gender?

A: male (57%) B: female (43%)

Have you suffered from head lice infection?

A: Yes ( 29%)B: No ( 71%)

How often do you use shampoo a week?

A: Once( 3%) B: Twice( 6%) C: Three( 34%) D: Four( 37%) E: Five( 6%)

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