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To: Group 6 Members


Subject: Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Shampoo

Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Shampoo is sold in most hair salons today. It is in a tall white bottle with a green leaf on the front of the bottle. The back of the bottle reads “Formulated for medium coarse hair, strengthens and helps repair damaged, chemically treated hair. Enriched with VitaForce Technology, a restorative fusion of bamboo, energizing guarana, mango seed oil and ceramide. Reinforces hair’s inner cuticle and helps defend against future breakage. Leaves hair soft and resilient with a smooth, shiny finish.”After researching and using this product I believe it is worth its cost of $17.99 per bottle. I experienced the exact results that the back of the bottle said I would. An on-line review from Aaron Losier reads, “This shampoo is a miracle, it will resurrect your clients hair from a very "compromising" position. The strength of bamboo has been brought forward into this Biolage shampoo and it literally seals and strengthens the weakest hair. Its a must for the client who have have had one too many "hair cocktails" To achieve the results you are looking for make sure you grab the correct biolage bottle. Matrix biolage makes five types of shampoo. If you want a shampoo to help with a scalp issue that is a different type of biolage shampoo you would be looking for. Each type of biolage shampoo is formulated to correspond with specific hair types and styles. Make sure you read before you grab and buy. If you do not you may purchase a shampoo that has nothing to do with the issues you are experiencing.

Cc:Tiffany Mathess
Sierra Shiplett
Kaitlyn Vinton
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