Two Kinds of Shampoo

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Comparison and Contrast Essay
Two Kinds of Shampoo

Fraddy Guillen
Writing Level 5
Professor: Martha Guerra
My hair, My way.

Last month when I went shopping to BJ’s, I notice that the shampoo I’ve using since 4 years ago ran off of the market, I was complete disappointed, I looked everywhere for it, and every place I went, they told me the same, that if was off of the market. I went back to BJ’S and started looking for a similar shampoo, but there were many choices that I didn’t press attention before cause I like the brand that I always used, after seeing the benefits from a lot of brands I had two top choices, Nexxus Diametress and Blowpro Faux shampoo. After seeing carefully the similarities and differences between the benefits from these two brands, I finally came to my decision to star using Blowpro Faux shampoo.

At first, it seems that Nexxus and Blowpro shampoo have a lot in common. First of all, both shampoos are for any type of hair. The price is alike, around $20.00 per bottle. In addition the conditioner is free when you buy the shampoo with Blowpro brand, or the half the price when you buy two with Nexxus brand. Most importantly, both shampoos have the same smell as my old and lovely brand.

It was when I looked at the differences between the two shampoos that I made my final decision. In terms of type of hair, Blowpro is more focus in thick and thin hair like mine. I also liked Nexxus because this adds fullness to any hair type, which it’s just what my hair need. But I realized that these should not be the most important factors in my decision. I had to see other factors like the price. Although the bottles are the same, Blowpro was a little cheaper than Nexxus so I get to save money.

Since Blowpro is a little cheaper than Nexxus, I won’t have to spend as much on a second bottle cause I always buy two. The most important factor in making my decision was the difference in price, and the free conditioner, on the other hand...
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