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Hello Everyone

to Our


Background Summary
 From the begging well-known company's
such as Proctor & Gamble, Garnear,
Unilever etc. are producing and marketing
shampoos like Pantene Pro-V, Sunsilk,
Head & Shoulders etc.
 Each and every shampoo have some
unique qualities. Like Anti-Dandruff,
Conditioner, Hair fall prevention etc.
 We are going to launch a new shampoo
which contains various qualities in one
 Our shampoos name is “RUDYS- ALL in
 Its been developed by the “RUDYS”
company and by world famous hair experts.

Mission Statement
 Each and every company have a mission
statement. Its is very important. Because it
emphasizes the company’s strength in the
market place. Our purposes are very clear in our
mission statement. Our mission statement is:

“Your Hair,
We Care”

 Objective sets our goals, that what we do in
 Our objectives are :
 Access the concept of product acceptability
credibility and perceived benefits.
 Examine consumer’s assessment of the product
in terms of product performances and related
 Explore consumer’s reaction towards
 Understand consumer’s perception of quality
advertisement in terms of its impact.

Situation Analysis & 3C’s
 We have developed 3C’s to understand the
market, our consumers and our company’s
management system.
 The 3C’s are :
 Consumers
 Competitors
 Company

Both Men and Women
15-56 years old
Income level: middle to higher class.

Situation Analysis & 3C’s (contd.)

Pantene Pro-V
Head & Shoulders
All Clear
It is divided into different departments to
ensure proper care.
 Marketing
 Human Resource Management.
 Finance

SWOT Analysis
 To understand the market condition and to
improve our product and to make sure of better
services, we have done SWOT analysis of our

International Company
Well-known brand
High quality products
Strong brand loyalty
Consumer trust
Different shampoo size is available
Large network distribution

SWOT Analysis (contd.)
 Weakness:
 Strong competition with different kinds of wellknown shampoos  Late product launch
 Popularity is not established yet
 Problems of distribution in urban areas
 Hair color is temporary
 Opportunity:
 Great opportunities in developing areas of
 Chance to gain brand loyalty

SWOT Analysis (contd.)
 Increase the shampoo consumption due to
 Heavy investment in research shampoo
 Providing unique and best qualities

High competition in the market
Rapidly change of raw materials
Problem for sensitive skin
Threats from the customers
New form new entrants
Uncertain economic condition of the country

• To understand the market Segmentation is very
much important.We have segmented our
marke on Geographically,Demographically,and
on Behavioural basis.
• Geogrphically:
» To make our product available.
» Spreading all over the country

• Demographically:
» Using the shampoo in the age of 15-56.
» Making the price very reasonable.

• Behavioural:
» Using it to make your hair coloured.
» Earing customer loyalty.

• After analyzing the whole market we
emphasises on any specific portion.We
targeted those people who is in 15-56 year
• We have developed 4P”s in this section.
» Product
» Price
» Place
» Promotion

TARGETING (contd.)
• PRODUCT: ’’RUDYES” packs their shampoo in
different sizes.

Size of shampoo
 Large (500 ml)


 Medium (200ml)


 Semi-medium (100ml)


 Mini (5ml)


TARGETING (contd.)
• PRICE:”RUDYS” fix the rate considering whole
classes of people.

TARGETING (contd.)

We want to spread our RUDYS...
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