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Topics: Management, Personality type, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: February 4, 2013
The assignment was to write about a career we were interested in or a person of interest. My career choice is to work from home as an independent contractor, freelancing internet expertise. My choice for my paper is quite different. I have had many different professional careers, Cable Office Manager; 7 years, Real Estate Agent; 10 years, Business Owner; 3 years. My choice for the assignment was to interview a lady I recently met within the last six months. Her name is Kristin L. She is an apartment manager. Not on the Forbes Top 10 but deals with many personality types and must have multiple management skills. Our voice recorded interview starts like this. My first question of interest was how she happened upon this position. She had been an assistant back up and at the time the current management had come upon some hardship and had to be relieved of her duties. Background of Kristen, 33 years old(Gen Y), single Mom (now), husband dying of rare appendicitis cancer, recently relocated from Connecticut. She never had to fill out an application or have an interview; she was hired on her own merit. Her duties are quite diverse from dealing with not only tenant complaints and rentals qualifications but the filing of court documents to dealing with housings issues, city inspectors and onsite employees. The complex, built in 1966, has 80 units; however, due to superstition there is no number 13, making units numbered from 1-81. The complex, I will call The Second Chance Apartments, because they are just that. Many of the tenants there have had some problems or life issues, which makes for some trouble at times. Kristen has said to me she needs to pick her battles, if someone is complaining about loud music or if there is domestic violence occurring, she needs to respond accordingly. She needs to understand each person’s personality type and also know when to empathize or stand strong. I had her take the personality test and I believe her personality type to be ENFJ....
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