Faculty Interview

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Faculty Interview
Kathleen Fargo
University of Phoenix
Role of the Health Care/Nursing Educator
Denise York
November 26, 2012

Faculty Interview
Changes are occurring in the health care arena today. With changes in legislation regarding health care regulation and the mandatory health care there is an increase in the already shortage of nurses. With the shortage of nurses come the requirements for an increased need for nursing educators. Responsibilities of the nurse educator extend beyond teaching the student. Educators must shift the emphasis for the result of learning with retention of knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the role of a current nursing educator presently employed in a state college in Oklahoma. C.B. is currently an Associate Professor at Seminole State College (SSC) in Oklahoma. Her first position in teaching was as a registered nurse with an associate degree in nursing at a technology school as an educator for the school of practical nursing. She obtained a bachelor’s of science in nursing, was promoted to coordinator of the program. C.B. has obtained a master’s of science in nursing and has been employed at SSC for three years. SSC offers a cooperative alliance nursing program, a bridge program for licensed practical nurses to obtain an associate degree in nursing. SSC is a two-year college working in conjunction with two technological schools in the area to provide a bridge program from the technological school’s practical nursing program to the associate degree in nursing program. Today’s colleges and universities are faced with changing issues related to education and the health science program. According to Billings and Halsted (2009), driving forces for the changes include “increasing multiculturalism of society, finite financial resources in education and health care, expanding technology and the accompanying knowledge explosion… and the increasing public demand for...
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