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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Interview Profile

BEH 225
Everyday life can be very different for one person than another individual even if they are very similar in personalities and behavior. Often you can be very close to a person yet still not know how their mind operates. You may find that they are very similar to yourself or learn something new about that individual that you never knew. The following interview is between my husband Jason Hill and I. I have asked him questions about his personality and behaviors along with comparing his answers to myself. Me: What atmosphere would they prefer to study in?

Jason: “I prefer to be at a desk alone in my room. Being at a desk helps me focus on what is front of me and the task at hand”. He went on to mention that he would not be able to study the way that I do. This means I am usually on the couch with the computer on my lap with a lot of noise around me. Me: Do they need silence or background noise or music?

Jason: “That’s tricky! I either need it extremely quiet like a library or really noisy with a lot of commotion going on around me. Small noises in a semi quiet atmosphere will make me mad and cause me to lose focus. If it is very noisy I can often block that out without any issues. I do enjoy music playing at a medium volume level. It helps me block out those little sounds that seem to occur when I want silence”. Comparing myself to Jason I would say I would prefer a more quiet atmosphere, but seem to get more work done when there is a lot of noise and activities going on around me. Me: Do you feel that you are a kinetic, visual, or auditory learner? Jason: “I would rather the instructions be in writing in a book rather than listening to someone explain how to do it. For example if there is a visual aid of how to build a bookshelf it does not translate properly in my mind to what I feel it should look like. It causes me to overthink the instructions. I feel that I am a...
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